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Visirun Overview
Visirun is an Italian company that developed an advanced solution for fleet management, based on a satellite tracking system and on a mobile platform for data analysis.
Thanks to its nearly ten years of experience, the company can face the fleet management and satellite control markets with an extremely innovative and competitive approach, offering high-quality customer service and support.
Visirun system supports efficiency, reduced costs and waste reduction, enhanced safety for drivers, goods and vehicles. It is an ideal solution for all the companies that perceive fleet management as a way to increase their turnover.
At the end of 2015 Visirun was acquired by Fleetmatics, a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). As of June 30, 2016, Fleetmatics served approximately 38,000 customers and approximately 757,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide. In 2016, Fleetmatics was acquired by Verizon and it is now a Verizon company.


Focus on simplicity
The strength of Visirun lies in the effectiveness and in the functionalities of its fleet management software. The key concept is the simplification, seen as easy-to-use data and KPI’s, intuitive dashboard and interface, clear and flexible commercial aspects. The different types of information and the efficient services that Visirun provides in a quick way help customers improve ROI. Data highlight inefficiencies, technical problems and help customers to respect the balance between the hours spent driving and resting, helping to simplify the management of the company fleet.
Detailed information about the vehicles (such as position, fuel consumption, speed, mileage) helps customers to better protect the safety of drivers, goods and fleet.
The fleet management software can fit the needs of different sized companies, from SMEs to enterprises.


Updates in near real time
Visirun GPS locator transforms the data generated by the vehicles into valuable information that helps customers to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.
The solution shows the real-time* status of the entire fleet: from PC, smartphone or tablet you can see position, route, departure times, arrival times and pauses, tachograph, average speed and odometer value of each vehicle. The fleet management software shows if a vehicle is stationary, moving or with the engine running and shows the mileage and the distance from a point of interest. Moreover, Visirun also monitors the fuel consumption of each vehicle, highlighting any waste.
Customers can check the status of their fleet in near real time* and respond to the needs of their customers reactively. The software calculates time and distance keeping the traffic situation under control, it processes the graphics related to speed performances and fuel consumption and shows the temperature of the refrigerated storage. The data are stored for 12 months.


Increased security
Visirun software represents an important safeguard to help protect the security of drivers, goods and vehicles. Visirun has over 40 types of customizable alerts – like exceeding speed limits over a pre-set speed, moving with the engine off, unplanned stops, moving away from the established route, overcoming of permitted driving hours and tire tread attrition – that come into operation in a timely manner in case of necessity.
The sophisticated Visirun safety system consists of a GPS antitheft alarm CE 95/56 and ECE R116 certified with tele monitoring 24/7 service, silent alarm codes for armed robbery, doors opening control, alarm for engine off towing, connection to the emergency button and anti-robbery button, the lock/unlock of the starter by security codes or RFID card and the alarm of unauthorized access to the vehicle.
The integrated crash detection sensor detects and reconstructs accidents and bumps according to CEI 79/56 law, also providing a graphic detail of the deceleration that precedes the bump and an indicator showing the seriousness of the accident. All this information is notified by email and SMS reporting date and place of the accident.


Consumption control and promotion of virtuous attitudes
Visirun solution allows customers to monitor consumption and checking the amount of fuel consumed by a connection to the floats in the tanks or to the electronic control unit CANBUS/FMS or OBD. This makes it possible to trace the costs of each trip and monitor the driving style of the drivers through an analysis of telemetry parameters (including the number of hard braking, throttle and gearshift use, use of cruise control).
In this way, Visirun fleet management software helps promote virtuous attitudes: customers have access to the data required to reduce operating costs and identify possible wastes. Through remote monitoring, technology becomes a level of merit to reward virtuous attitudes. It is possible to set up business support policies for those people who promote the fight against unnecessary consumptions and protect the health of people working with them.


Technology for fleets
With a specific connection, Visirun GPS locator acquires real time* data on driving times, pauses, rest and working times from the tachograph, with the automatic identification via driver card. In this way the hours to the next break are shown, in compliance with current standards. In addition, with a special connection designed to be compliant with the law, the remote downloading of tachograph data and driver cards becomes fully automatic. Data are stored in a secure and certified way on Visirun servers for 24 months.
Through the performance indicator dashboard Visirun shows the state of the entire fleet, while the indicator lights and the remote diagnosis check the status of vehicle components, such as, for example, the tire tread attrition. Each fault is stored and an alarm is sent in order to act quickly.


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