Visirun has been acquired by Fleetmatics

Visirun has been acquired by Fleetmatics

We are very excited to announce that Visirun SPA has been acquired by Fleetmatics, a public company listed on the NYSE. Fleetmatics is a leading provider of fleet management solutions in Europe and North America, with approximately 31,000 customers and 655,000 subscriptions.

By joining with Fleetmatics, we’ll be able to both share valuable expertise and add additional resources, bringing even more value to the Italian fleet management market.
Fleetmatics is committed to investing in and growing the Visirun business, and sees great opportunity here in Italy. We are excited to have a new partner who will allow us to continue to thrive, and who will help us show even more fleet owners throughout Italy the benefits of Visirun’s fleet management solutions.

It is important that we mention that we are committed to supporting all our 3,000 customers – you will continue to be able to use and purchase additional Visirun’s products as before. We greatly appreciate your support over the years.

While we are excited about our future with Fleetmatics, for now, it’s back to work – there is a lot to do as we continue to grow as the best fleet management solution in Italy!

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