The routes management has been entirely renovated

The routes management has been entirely renovated

The form for managing trips and deliveries adds new functions and becomes more ergonomic.

The new version of the form trips and Tasks allows to:

  • Automatically import Trips, Deliveries, Missions and Orders directly from the external management systems
  • Reorganize the trips and taks based on your criteria of time and distance
  • Automatically send the route on the on board device that also acts as Navigator
  • Track in real-time the completion, the progress and the delays
  • Transfer all the information into the Company management system
  • Create trip plans and lists of default repetitive deliveries and match them to the vehicles
  • Measure the deviation between planning and actual

A very useful Trips Report permits you to analyze the business performance of the entire fleet or of the individual vehicle, by monitoring

  • The percentage of completion
  • The traveled kilometers for the several trips
  • Delivery times and intervention
  • Delays

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