Remote download of digital tachographs

Remote download of digital tachographs

With Visirun GPS Trackers you can remotely download data from digital tachographs, both Vehicle Unit and Driver Card, without the need to go on board of each vehicles.

With our Tracker GPS Visirun you will:

  • AVOID RISKS of non-conformity and tickets;
  • INCREASE CONTROL on drivers and veichles data.

Furthermore, without additional costs, Visirun includes a certified cloud storage service for all Tachograph and Driver downloaded data, for 24 months. All data can be locally used on your PC with any tachograph analysis software.

The Tachograph Remote Download & Storage Service can be used for all digital tachographs built after 2009 that have an active C port (CAN) on the back.

No additional hardware or software is necessary at the company site. Only our Visirun specific cable that connects Visirun GPS Tracker to the back of the tachograph in the vehicle must be installed.

Form more information about the service view the specific page Tachograph Managment

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