Privacy is important

Privacy is important

Privacy protection is important for companies and Visirun is committed to give an answer to the concerns of
employees and employers. Therefore Visirun has designed a dedicated solution to be installed on the company
vehicles to protect driver’s data.

A safe solution to protect your staff

With Visirun your drivers will be able to deactivate the tracking system on their vehicle in order to protect their privacy during breaks or - in case of mixed used vehicle - during the rest days.

Through a special button installed on the vehicle, drivers can activate the privacy mode interrupting the transmission of the vehicle’s data. As a consequence the GPS tracking of the vehicle will be switched off.

Our choice to manage this feature through a switch installed in the vehicle has the aim of ensuring the proper functionality of this system in every data coverage conditions, allowing the driver to activate the private mode without depending on the online use of Visirun software.