Real time GPS tracker fleet vehicles

Location and Routes

Visirun means tracking. Our GPS software gives you real time* information on the location of all the vehicles in your fleet and what they are doing at that moment. You can map the route, quickly calculating the times and distances involved in getting your vehicle to a particular destination and find alternative routes in case of heavy traffic.
Monitoring driving styles and fuel consumption is very easy thanks to automated reports that allow you to significantly increase fuel economy.
Job scheduling times will be significantly reduced with remote access to the onboard navigation system connected to the Visirun Satellite Tracker.
You can also see a map of all the routes taken by each vehicle, together with kilometer totals, journey times and odometer values. Thanks to a virtual tachograph, you can easily identify which driver was at the wheel of each vehicle and monitor driving hours, breaks and rest periods.

Customizable alerts via email or SMS for each vehicle


Visirun means security. With over 40 customisable alerts, you can manage in real time any suspicious or emergency situations, from exceeding permitted driving hours to preventing theft. In fact, Visirun is a 95/56 EC and ECE R116 certified anti-theft system, complete with 24hr video surveillance.
What's more, security means savings because having our satellite systems gives you significant discounts with major insurance companies.
Visirun GPS trackers allow you to ensure that your goods and your vehicles are always secure thanks to features such as Lock/Unlock engine via a Safety Code or RFID Cards, door aperture control, a dedicated trailer alarm in vehicle/engine off mode and many others.
Finally, thanks to the Crash Sensor integrated into the GPS tracker, Visirun allows you to detect and reconstruct accidents with graphs showing deceleration rates prior to the collision.

Statistics and consumption in the fleet travels through Visirun

Consumption and Driving Habits

Visirun means savings. Thanks to direct connection to fuel tank floats or to the electronic control unit, you can register real time* fuel level readings for all vehicles in your fleet. You can also receive alerts if the system detects abnormal changes in fuel levels, thereby reducing the risk of theft.
With the Visirun GPS system you can check your drivers' fuel consumption and the driving habits using parameters such as braking frequency, use of the accelerator, gear changes, cruise control and many others.
So you can reward the most efficient drivers and correct the bad habits of underperforming ones.

Remote access to the digital tachograph of the fleet vehicles


Visirun means automation. Our daily work involves a series of necessary processes, but their manual implementation takes away time that could instead be devoted to more lucrative activities. With Visirun GPS trackers you can directly access tachograph data on driving hours, work and break periods, and engine on and off times to ensure compliance with current legislation. Direct connection to the tachograph eliminates the need for any manual intervention by the driver or the control centre, making remote data download fully automatic. As regards the working time Directive, Visirun automatically checks compliance with driving and rest periods, and sends automatic notifications in case of infringements.

Statistical dashboard of Fleet and KPI

Dashboard and Reports

Visirun means management. Manage your fleet in the best way thanks to our handy Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard. With over 30 reports available (eg. on kilometres travelled, fuel consumption, refuelling and vehicle use times) you will always have your fleet under control. You can also schedule automatic reports and export them in the most convenient format (PDF or Excel).

Protect your driver’s privacy

Privacy Function

Privacy protection is important for companies and Visirun is committed to give an answer to the concerns of employees and employers. Therefore Visirun has designed a dedicated solution to be installed on the company vehicles to protect driver’s data.
With Visirun your drivers will be able to deactivate the tracking system on their vehicle in order to protect their privacy during breaks or – in case of mixed used vehicle – during the rest days.
Through a special button installed on the vehicle, drivers can activate the privacy mode interrupting the transmission of the vehicle’s data. As a consequence the GPS tracking of the vehicle will be switched off.
Our choice to manage this feature through a switch installed in the vehicle has the aim of ensuring the proper functionality of this system in every data coverage conditions, allowing the driver to activate the private mode without depending on the online use of Visirun software.

Cold chain realtime monitoring

Advanced Solutions

Visirun means technology. More than a GPS tracker and anti-theft system: thanks to our sophisticated technology you can check a whole series of other factors that are essential to your work. Monitoring the temperature of goods along the entire route is only one of the advanced solutions offered by Visirun. You can also integrate the software with any management/ERP system to cross-reference data and perform data analysis on various levels.
What's more, the system can be installed not just in your vehicles but also in trailers and containers thanks to their ability to withstand harsh environments and to run without power for up to 12 months. With the vehicle scanners you can collect and send in real-time* all onboard travel documents, so that you can search and access them directly from your company headquarters. The Visirun fleet management system offers a multi-use service to grant secondary and temporary access to corporate functions or to offer added value to end clients.
Simply and instantly see who is driving a particular vehicle with the vehicle badge reader or with keypads and onboard terminals for the management of numeric codes which can be matched to the tracker.