How reliable is Visirun?

Visirun is conceived for advanced corporate clients. That’s why the IT infrastructure is made up of 2 redundant DATA CENTERS that are replicated in 2 cities lying 500 km apart, in order to prevent problems arising from failure and environmental disasters. Each of the 2 DATA CENTERS includes over 200 replicated and redundant servers, with redundant web connectivity provided by different operators and with a service quality monitoring system in real-time*. In order to overcome failure, each single hardware component is replicated and redundant.

As Visirun does not apply any time obligation, minimum duration, or withdrawal penalty, it is in our interest to keep clients fully satisfied. The best way to test the quality of the service on the field is to activate the rental of 1 or 2 GPS trackers, with no obligation or penalty and thus risking just one month’s fee.

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