How do I install a Visirun GPS tracker?

After ordering the GPS trackers online in the Purchase Online section, the GPS trackers are configured, tested, and activated in our laboratories, and then shipped all over Italy and Europe, ready for use and complete with holding bracket and GPS/GSM extension cord.

Once you receive the GPS tracker, all you need to do is position it in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, possibly in a hidden place (for example, behind the car radio, in the fuse box, etc.), and connect it to a 12-30V permanent power supply source as described in the installation sheet contained in the kit. You must then also position the GPS antenna inside the passenger compartment, in a place where it can receive the GPS signal (e.g. close to the windshield). The GPS antenna can be concealed in the dash board, as long as it is not covered with metal objects that may shield the GPS signal.

As trackers are shipped already activated, as soon as they are supplied with power they will start transmitting location information automatically, no further setup needed. Therefore, installation is a very simple operation, requiring no more than 30 minutes per vehicle, that clients can carry out on their own or hand over to their car electrician/mechanic.

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