Can Visirun also work as an antitheft system?

Yes, it can. Visirun allows to configure up to 20 different types of alerts in each vehicle’s “Configure Events” section. When an alarm goes off, you can receive an alert via e-mail or SMS on your mobile phone, containing the details of the alarm. The different types of configurable alerts include: movement at an unscheduled time, unplanned stopover, departure from construction site or warehouse, hatches opening, pushing of the anti-robbery button, power take-off activation, speeding, etc. The GPS tracking system also allows blocking vehicles’ ignition remotely upon user’s request via the Internet, or automatic blocking, and the use of driver identification mechanisms.

The Visirun GPS tracking system is certified according to CE 95/96 and ECE R116 regulations, therefore it allows attractive discount benefits on theft/fire and transport insurance policies.

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