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  • Visirun is a GPS fleet tracking service, provided via the Internet and offered on an all-inclusive monthly-fee basis involving no obligations. It includes free-on-loan GPS tracker, DATA SIM CARD, and unlimited use of the fleet management web software.

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  • Visirun enables companies to track – in real time*, from their offices via the Internet – the location of all their fleet vehicles, together with routes, stopovers, driving and “on the job” times. They can also set different types of alerts and events, and obtain final reports containing information on fuel consumption, distance covered, worked hours, costs per km, drivers’ road behaviour, etc. The free-on-loan GPS tracker and the GPS fleet tracking software ensure complete control of fleet activities.

    Visirun allows businesses to optimize the use of their fleet, cut back traveling and “on the job” times, reduce transport costs, and increase safety.

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  • The main benefits are: competitive prices, no time obligations, no hidden costs, highly comprehensive and extremely simple web software, international coverage, dedicated technical support service. Visirun fornisce offers the free-on-loan GPS tracker with unlimited warranty, a phone SIM card with data traffic included, and unlimited employment of the fleet-tracking web software that can be used via the Internet on any computer, iPhone, and iPad, in multi-user, multi-office, and multi-company modes, for a monthly fee of 19 euros, all included. No additional costs, no hardware purchase and activation costs, no time obligations. Discover all the benefits of Visirun.

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  • To use Visirun you just need to take out one all-inclusive subscription with no time obligations, minimum duration, or penalty. There is no hardware to buy, no phone SIM card to activate, no additional phone costs, no software to install or purchase. Click here for the complete price list

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  • None. The subscription to Visirun involves no minimum duration, no time obligations, no withdrawal penalty. As stated in the contract terms and conditions (paragraph 4.2), you can withdraw from the service simply returning the free-on-loan GPS trackers. Click here to view the detailed price list. Click here to read the Terms of Use.

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  • The Visirun Light and Full versions are supplied on the same terms and conditions, i.e. with an only all-inclusive, no-obligation monthly subscription that includes the free-on-loan GPS tracker, the DATA SIM CARD, and unlimited use of the web software.

    The Visirun Light version provides real-time* fleet tracking service with vehicle location and routes, while Visirun Full also offers more advanced functionalities for security, connection to the vehicle’s electronic control unit, advanced reporting, POI loading (your clients’ addresses), multi-user management, and the possibility to use accessories. Features details are listed here.

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  • is engineered to manage fleets, operating at the international level, in over 50 countries. Our GPS trackers are equipped with an international SIM card and GPRS data traffic is already included in the plan. To verify the service coverage around the world click here.

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  • Visirun is conceived for advanced corporate clients. That’s why the IT infrastructure is made up of 2 redundant DATA CENTERS that are replicated in 2 cities lying 500 km apart, in order to prevent problems arising from failure and environmental disasters. Each of the 2 DATA CENTERS includes over 200 replicated and redundant servers, with redundant web connectivity provided by different operators and with a service quality monitoring system in real-time*. In order to overcome failure, each single hardware component is replicated and redundant.

    As Visirun does not apply any time obligation, minimum duration, or withdrawal penalty, it is in our interest to keep clients fully satisfied. The best way to test the quality of the service on the field is to activate the rental of 1 or 2 GPS trackers, with no obligation or penalty and thus risking just one month’s fee.

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  • After ordering the GPS trackers online in the Purchase Online section, the GPS trackers are configured, tested, and activated in our laboratories, and then shipped all over Italy and Europe, ready for use and complete with holding bracket and GPS/GSM extension cord.

    Once you receive the GPS tracker, all you need to do is position it in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, possibly in a hidden place (for example, behind the car radio, in the fuse box, etc.), and connect it to a 12-30V permanent power supply source as described in the installation sheet contained in the kit. You must then also position the GPS antenna inside the passenger compartment, in a place where it can receive the GPS signal (e.g. close to the windshield). The GPS antenna can be concealed in the dash board, as long as it is not covered with metal objects that may shield the GPS signal.

    As trackers are shipped already activated, as soon as they are supplied with power they will start transmitting location information automatically, no further setup needed. Therefore, installation is a very simple operation, requiring no more than 30 minutes per vehicle, that clients can carry out on their own or hand over to their car electrician/mechanic.

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  • The GPS tracker is compact and inconspicuous, measuring 8 cm X 8 cm X 3cm. It can be hidden from view in the dash board (e. g. behind the car radio, in the fuse box, in the glove compartment, etc.). The GPS antenna, also to be installed in the passenger compartment, is 3m long and has a small receiver at one end with a 2cm radius. No bodywork required.

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  • It’s real simple. With no contract, no leasing, no purchase, and no SIM to activate.

    All you need to do is activate 1 or more subscriptions in the [Purchase online] section.

    Complete the simple online order procedure entering the quantity (even just 1), your company’s data, and the payment method you prefer, either PAP (pre-authorized payment) or credit card.

    You will immediately receive the codes for accessing the GPS tracking web software, and 10 days after your order confirmation you will receive the pre-configured, ready-for-use GPS trackers.

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  • The GPS trackers will be shipped by courier within 10 working days of your order confirmation sent through the [Purchase online] procedure that is available by clicking here.

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  • Visirun allows you to write free-text messages onscreen and to send them from the office to the driver’s mobile phone. When the driver answer their messages are captured by Visirun and shown onscreen at the office.

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  • No, it isn’t. Visirun allows real-time* fleet tracking through a Web-Native software. To start using the service, you just need to connect to the portal from any PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. and log in with your access codes. No installation or local update on the company’s computers. Visirun can also be used in multi-user, multi-workstation, and multi-company modes.

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  • Yes, it can. Visirun allows to configure up to 20 different types of alerts in each vehicle’s “Configure Events” section. When an alarm goes off, you can receive an alert via e-mail or SMS on your mobile phone, containing the details of the alarm. The different types of configurable alerts include: movement at an unscheduled time, unplanned stopover, departure from construction site or warehouse, hatches opening, pushing of the anti-robbery button, power take-off activation, speeding, etc. The GPS tracking system also allows blocking vehicles’ ignition remotely upon user’s request via the Internet, or automatic blocking, and the use of driver identification mechanisms.

    The Visirun GPS tracking system is certified according to CE 95/96 and ECE R116 regulations, therefore it allows attractive discount benefits on theft/fire and transport insurance policies.

    For more informazioniiinformation, please click here: Security.

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  • Visirun can be connected to the CANBus/FMS port featured on heavy-duty commercial vehicles of recent years, and can collect the most important data such as fuel consumption and level, engine revolutions, brakes, etc. In order to avoid making the vehicle’s warranty ineffective, we recommend connection to the FMS port (FMS gateway), a standard feature on most recent vehicles (Euro 4 or Euro 5). Through the CANbus/FMS, Visirun can also obtain data such as worked, breaks, and rest hours from the digital tachograph, as well as the kilometers driven from the odometer onboard the vehicle.

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  • Yes, Visirun GPS Trackers grant you the possibility to remotely download data from digital tachographs, both Vehicle Unit and Driver Card, without the need to go on board of each vehicles. Furthermore, without additional costs, Visirun provide you a certified cloud storage service for all Tachograph and Driver downloaded data for 24 months. All downloaded data will be locally available on your PC and you will manage them with any tachograph software analysis.

    Service can be used for all digital tachographs built after 2009 that have an active C port (CAN) on the back by installing our Visirun specific cable that connects Visirun GPS Tracker to the back of the tachograph.

    For more information about Tachograph management and cable rent prices click here: Tachograph Management

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  • You can download PDF documents from the Documents section.

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