Driving Hours’ Infringements and Warning Letters

Driving Hours’ Infringements and Warning Letters

At no additional charges VisiRun has made available to all customers with the service of remote download, the Infractions’ module.

Without having to buy or install any software, you can now assess compliance of correct driving and rest times in accordance with local regulations (EC Regulation no. 561/2006) and the Directive on working time (Directive 15 / 2002) .

All violations are made accessible in real time via an intuitive interface that describes graphically and textually each offense; VisiRun, offers a simple tool that allows you to quickly learn how to avoid costly fines.

The infringements module provides you all the facilities for the production of warning letters, and it’s accompanied by a useful display of the activities that complete the solution, giving the customer an effective tool for analysis and verification of the performance of its drivers.

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