Dashboard indicator lamps for remote telemetry

Indicators lamps

Visirun improves the functionality of the satellite tracking, increasing control of your fleet by integrating a critical and important tool for remote telemetry as Dashboard indicator lamps .

With a look at details data of vehicle can be controlled in real time the following indicator lights:


Cintura di sicurezza
Seat belt
Promemoria manutenzione
Maintenance’s reminder
Porte aperte
Doors opened
Freno a mano
Parking brake
Aria condizionata
Air conditioning
Fendinebbia posteriori
Rear fog lights
Fari fendinebbia
Front fog lights
Luci di posizione
Position lights
Luci di emergenza
Hazard warning lights
Luci anabbaglianti
Low beam lights
Luci abbaglianti
High beam lights
Livello basso olio motore
Engine oil level
Malfunzionamento ABS
ABS failure
Malfunzionamento motore
Engine failure
Pressione olio motore
Engine oil pressure
Temperatura motore
Engine temperature
Malfunzionamento freni
Brake failure
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Thanks to the report Dashboard indicator lamps you can check the behavior of the fleet for better manage consumption and set up events to alert you on malfunctions even when you are not in office.


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